New Test Helps Differentiate Between Bipolar and Depression

It can be difficult for doctors to tell the difference between depression and Bipolar Disorder. Patients presenting with depression routinely are placed on anti-depressants. Yet, this can leave them not getting the relief they seek. Above that, it can place them at further risk. A recent study worked to try and stop this problem. They found a new test that helps differentiate between Bipolar and depression.

Many mental health disorders share symptoms. This makes it difficult for doctors to tell exactly what is causing their patient’s symptoms. It can take time to weed out lesser conditions and find the underlying problem.

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How to Treat a Panic Attack at Home

How to stop a panic attack at home

The gasps keep coming. Short gasps trying to catch your breath. No matter how many times, you gasp the air just doesn’t come. Your heart beats faster. Panic grips you harder. Are you going to die? Are you going to catch your breath? Your head is full of questions. You just can’t catch your breath. You are having a panic attack. If you have more than one then you are looking for ways to stop this. Learn, how to treat a panic attack at home.

Remember your thoughts make it worse

During a panic attack, your mind starts racing. It feels like you might die. You start to think this way. This becomes a cycle. The more you think this the more you panic. The more you panic the more you think this. All this makes the panic attack worse.

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Bipolar Do I Have It?

Bipolar Do I have it

Mood swings are a way of life. We all have days that we feel down. We also have days where we feel nothing can go wrong. For some, these mood swings are not normal. They actually signal bipolar disorder a serious medical condition. If you are experiencing sudden mood swings then you probably asking yourself, “Bipolar Do I have it?”

There are a few questions that help you identify whether or not you have Bipolar. You can download these in PDF here. You can also get it from dropbox here.

Bipolar Do I Have It Questions

Question Yes No
Have you had an episode of clinical depression that lasted at least 2 weeks?
Did this depression make you unable to work or made it extremely difficult to work?
Have you experienced any of these symptoms?

·        Loss of interest or pleasure in things that usually make you happy

·        Loss of appetite

·        Loss of weight

·        Problems sleeping

·        Fatigue

·        Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

·        Problems concentrating

·        Thoughts of suicide

Do you experience frequent episodes of swinging from high “ups” to low “downs”?
Are you high moods accompanied with feelings of being hyper?
During your high moods, do you experience these feelings?
Are you more confident than normal?
Are you more capable than normal?
Does it change how you see the world? For instance, do things seem to be in a “new light”?
Do you feel more creative?
Are you flooded with plans and ideas?
Does your confidence level greatly increase? You feel like you can succeed at anything?
Do you go into or want to go into a shopping spree?
Do your senses seem clearer?
Do your emotions seem deeper?
Do you experience increased motivation?
Does it seem like there are a lot of coincidences?
Do you see deeper meanings in things around you?
Do you say things you normally wouldn’t?
Does it feel like you are better than ever?
Do you feel agitated?
Do you stop worrying about anything?
Do you think more about sex?
Do you participate in sex more than normal?
Do you interrupt people more than normal?
Do you participate in outrageous or dangerous activities?
Do you experience less sleep?
Do you feel more irritated or become more angry?

Bipolar can only be officially diagnosed by a doctor. If you answered yes to a majority of these questions then you should go see your doctor. You may not be experiencing simple depression. You may be experiencing bouts of bipolar. I wish you well with your issues. I hope you find the relief that you are looking for.

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Is Bipolar Disorder Genetic?

When faced with difficult situations our human minds search for a reason. We want to know what caused it. This can be a disease, death in your family, loss of a job, or other traumatic events. The cause helps us make sense of the situation. It also helps us understand the situation better. If we know what caused it then we can learn to deal with it better.

Bipolar is no different. In fact, it is probably more important to people with bipolar to understand the cause. Modern medicine is no different than human nature. It tries to find the cause of diseases. There are several factors that are linked to bipolar.

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Why ADHD Diet eBook Helps Bipolar

ADHD Diet: How Food Can Help Stop ADHD SymptomsThis website is dedicated to improving the mental health of anyone with bipolar. So, why would I review a book about ADHD and Diet? Because, I found this book helps more than just ADHD. It discusses how diet affects our mental health. There are many things in this book that will help anyone with bipolar.

Mineral deficiencies make you more susceptible to depression. Depression is always a problem for anyone with bipolar. Normal depression episodes run the risk of triggering a manic episode. Anything that you can do to fight depression helps your bipolar symptoms.

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Bipolar as a Disability: Things You Should Know

Bipolar disorder affects a sizeable swath of United States citizens. It is estimated that 5.7 million people in the United States are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Of citizens over the age of 18, 2.6% of the population is said to have bipolar. (Webmd, n.d.) While specific numbers weren’t available, a large number of these patients are listed as disability. So when is bipolar as a disability?

Bipolar and Social Security Disability Benefits

Social security disability benefits were created as a social safety net. They were meant to help Americans who had a medical condition that kept them from earning a living. This is the logical place to start answering the question, “Is bipolar a disability?”

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Am I Bipolar?

If you are searching for information on bipolar then I know a few things about you. You are having some symptoms that are causing your problems. You or someone close to you believes that you might have a problem. This has brought you to ask the question, “Am I Bipolar?”

Bipolar Symptoms

Modern medicine hasn’t identified an exact cause of Bipolar. It is believed to be widely genetic. This is due to bipolar being diagnosed in families. It is known that bipolar affects the brain. It affects how the brain’s chemistry works.

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What is the Difference Between BiPolar and Depression?

Many mental health disorders share symptoms. Bipolar and depression are two of these. These similarities make it difficult to know the difference. This post provides a comparison of these symptoms and an explanation of the difference between Bipolar and depression. While we answer the question, “What is the difference between bipolar and depression?”, we are not doctors. Actually diagnosing either condition requires a medical professional.

What is the Difference Between BiPolar And Depression Symptoms

I find the easiest way to compare anything is to look at them side by side. This makes it easy for me to see the differences. I hope it does the same for you. This table puts the symptoms of bipolar and depression in an easy to compare format. This comparison helps to answer, “What is the difference between bipolar and depression?”

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